Digital cnc system

Digital cnc system

Advanced cnc system

Fully digital CNC systems of MNC series, developed and manufactured by Mehatronika LLC, are multi-purpose control systems for various types of machine tools, including special-purpose machine tools and «machine + loader» networks.

MNC series control systems are based on fully digital technology that benefits in high performance, operation speed, accuracy and machining quality. MNC systems offer unparalleled ease of use, reliability, flexibility, and massive control capabilities to meet most critical requirements in machinery control field.


Dual-processor architecture of CNC allows most effectively distribute tasks of real-time control and terminal functions. Industrial computer, responsible for Windows compatible user interface, represents the terminal level. Herewith the system reliability remains on high level because the operability of the motion controller, responsible for real-time tasks, is independent from PC failures.



Package supply

Unlike most of Russian CNC systems, the MNC series control systems are distributed in package supply and include owner's supplied control unit, operator console, servo amplifiers, axis/spindle servomotors with mounted encoders and breaks, cable sets, etc. This allows customers to comprehensively complete tasks of new equipment installation with maximum efficiency and minimum material and time costs. In the case of package supply, customers get expanded warranty to the equipment.

Digital CNC

Today some CNC systems manufacturers declare impulse control as digital in their CNC systems. The true digital control system calculates current, velocity and servo loops on CNC controller excluding disturbance sensitive analog channel and any other communication interfaces. This leads to high response rates, delay elimination in control loops, simplicity and ease of tuning and debugging, high reliability and functional flexibility (ability to change drive and controller settings on the fly within part program).

Universal motion control system

Control of any type machine tools (including specific and exclusive machines), control of workcells such as «machine tool + loader» from single CNC system, industrial robotic manipulator control, specialized fabrication system control (e.g. assembly lines, chain conveyors, etc.)

Enhanced diagnostics

Due to the fact that trajectory computing, drive control and PLC tasks are concentrated on a specialized CNC controller, diagnostic capabilities of MNC series control systems are almost unlimited. Thus it is possible all axes and spindle current, velocity, position, following error, acceleration and jerk data gathering, inputs and outputs monitoring and statistical information acquisition. The gathered data can be visualized as in graphics as textually.

State-of-art CNC system

MNC series CNC systems keep all the features typical for modern leading CNCs, such as high number of simultaneously interpolated axes (3D, 4D, 5D machining) with 2- and 3-dimentional tool geometry compensation, true digital drive control, mechanics inaccuracy compensation, PID filter with velocity, acceleration and friction feedforward, ability to change drive settings on the fly, high block rate, deep look-ahead.

Powerful technological capabilities

The following functions effectively expand technological capabilities of the control system, making possible to solve any technological tasks: move blending, deep look-ahead, mechanics inaccuracy multidimensional compensation, multiaxis interpolation, tool geometry correction, synchronous and gantry axes completed control algorithms, linear motors and high-speed spindle control.


Technical specifications




Number of controlled axes/spindles

  up to 4 up to 8 (optionally 12)

Number of discrete inputs/outputs

  48/48 or 96/96 up to 576/576


  2000 blocks 1000 blocks

Gantry (synchronous axes) control

    up to 4 pairs

Tool geometry compensation

  2-dimensional 2-, 3-dimensional

Number of interpolated axes

  up to 4 up to 9

Maximum spindle speed

  12 000 rpm 24 000 rpm

Maximum feedrate

  15 m/min 40 m/min

Measuring/inspection tool connection

  1 up to 3

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