Research and development company mehatronika


Mehatronika LLC covers a wide range of tasks in industrial automation, CNC machinery, and robotics domains. Mehatronika produces complete solutions for high precision control of multi-purpose technological objects. Product line includes a variety of standard multi-axis control systems, power amplifiers, machine software, as well as custom-made devices to fit the most challenging tasks. Being a producer of ready-to-use solutions for years, Mehatronika, LLC offers best combination of quality, design, productivity, and cost efficiency on the market.

Mehatronika today is:

• Consolidated developers team able to solve tasks of any complexity.
• Own manufacturing oriented to full cycle commercial products creation in Russia with ISO 9001 certification.
• Wide range of implemented projects.
• MNC-series CNC systems and wide power range of MTDrive-series amplifiers certified serial production.
• Maximum attention and deep elaboration of customers work specification for their requirements most complete satisfaction and our products subsequent development.
• Wide sales geography from Far East to West side of Russian Federation, near and far abroad.
• Wide range of performed work from engineering consulting to ready-to-operate equipment supplies.

We are proud to deliver innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to give you competitive edge in every project. Your success is the highest approval for us.